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Spaces by Elizabeth Couturier-Bardin


Elizabeth Couturier-Bardin

The artist has the courage and originality of grant only little room other than aesthetic concerns. Neither God nor Devil in his work! His ways of watercolor and the delicacy of its design are evocative naturalistic boards of a time or photography did not exist. It illustrates the familiar facets of our world, through pristine landscapes, inhabited elegant silhouettes which we are starting to think they hold neither pleasure nor pain: you see beautiful, raised in halos of soft mists or white lights, one can imagine quickly detached from the heavy hassle of existence.

But it is a logical mind that guides the artist in its layouts. The counterpoint process is always the same. Far from any dramatic effect, it built without tiring of the neutralist atmospheres which yet does not give rise to concern. The narration is minimal, it depends on subtle varieties of composition, and above all, it depends on ‘naturally’ décor that its waves of colors is the substance of his inspiration and bait even of our reverie.

Cathy Doutreligne reflects a personal way and with finesse, the individualism of our time, his ballets of indifference, and its images, of himself, easily idealized.”

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