Bibliography Beaches Places Plains

Beaches Places Plains

Sophie Blanchat

Following a series of still lifes descriptive, real portraits by proxy signs, this is a new work of Cathy Doutreligne: “Beaches Places Plains” suspended in a translucent and unlimited space, evoking the different hours of the day where sea, sky and landscape merge, small silhouettes made of shadows and colors organize canvases to create lines of force motifs that are repeated and look ever, like notes on a range that make up always different melodies.

Looking more closely, are swimmers, cottagers or passersby alone or in clusters, that you look like insects in an immense nature, is ignoring each other, but together “as one man.
We still want to look at everyone to go search his difference. Each table invites to a double look. Near and far.
We note with pleasure that movements, attitudes, gestures are fair, concise, but what seems to interest the artist, it is the aesthetics of this situation and its pictorial issue, the return of the wealth of bright contrasts across the variety of characters. Each of them, in its own way, holes and mask the light but are shrouded by it.

With this new series, Cathy Doutreligne offers his vision of the same space each time different, each time reinvented.
It is the accumulation which gives to see. The line is sharp and sensuality always presents. It seems that every character has a story but that all these stories will dissolve in the infinite landscape. For the infinitely small is infinitely great.”

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